Press House Brandy


Cocktail Brandy
All-American brandy made from American native grape wine, distilled on-site and aged two years in American oak barrels. Sweet and soft. Perfect for cocktails.

Awarded Best Spirit at the 2019 Mid-American Wine & Spirits Competition in Ankeny, IA!

Sold in 750 mL bottles in our Distillery store. Temporarily available for pick up at the winery, weekdays 1-4pm. Order must be confirmed before picking up.



Distiller’s Notes

Press House Brandy

A re-creation of the brandy distilled on site before Prohibition, this genuine American brandy is made from American native grapes and aged in American oak.

Production Method: Dry wine at 10% alcohol then distilled

Age: 2 years in brandy toasted American oak barrels

Alcohol: 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

Serving: Perfect brandy for cocktails, like a Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned.

Story: We chose to produce a brandy using grape varieties that were used by the original family on the property in the 1870s. These grapes are grown for us in New York State, and then brought here where we ferment the juice and distill the wine in our copper pot stills. After distillation the brandy ages in American oak barrels two years, leaving us with a soft sweet spirit. 1876 Press House Brandy has a label hearkening back to the old Press House.

Best Spirit – 2019 Mid-American Wine & Spirits Competition, Ankeny, IA
Gold – 2019 Mid-American Wine & Spirits Competition, Ankeny, IA
Gold [90 Points] – 2016 Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago, IL
Silver – 2019 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, Los Angeles, CA
Silver – 2017 The Washington Cup Spirits Competition, Kansas City, MO
Bronze – 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, San Francisco, CA