Open Daily

Winery Store & Distillery Store | Open 12pm-5pm

Bistro | Open 12pm-4pm
(Cold menu Mondays & Tuesdays)

PLEASE NOTE: •Shopping and reservable wine tastings daily. • Face mask required • No groups over 6 or buses • No tours • No carry-in food or beverages • Credit or debit cards only • Cocktails outside only

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Pick up Onsite

We’re offering Wine & Spirits Pick up or Wine Shipping. Order here for either.

Pick Up Available in the parking lot:
Weekdays & Weekends 1pm-4:30pm

Please order by 10am weekdays for day of pick up, or by Friday at 3pm for Saturday or Sunday pick up.
You are also welcome to order in person, either at the Pick up building, or at the stores. Thank you.

Wollersheim Winery is located on a scenic hillside across the Wisconsin River from Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Created in the 1840s, Wollersheim Winery has developed into a leader in the Midwestern wine industry, winning numerous awards throughout its storied history.