The holiday season is here! Wondering which wines to pair with your meal? Our Wine & Food Pairing Tool can help!

Pairing wines with your holiday dinner can be a challenge because it’s a large meal made up of many rich dishes with diverse flavors. When pairing wine, it’s important to consider such factors as the intensity, sweetness, and richness of each wine and dish.

Food & Wine Pairing Categories

Appetizers help whet the appetite without filling you up. A wine served with appetizers should be similarly light, like our Prairie Fumé, so as not to overwhelm the palate.

Turkey has a bolder flavor that can stand up to a bolder wine. Try our Ruby Nouveau with white meat or Domaine du Sac with dark meat.

Not having turkey? Beef, ham and other richer red meats pair beautifully with our Carignan.

Vegetables can be tricky to pair with wine because of their bitterness. A good solution for this is a lighter-bodied wine that has a bit of acidity, like our Prairie Blush.

For desserts, like the Thanksgiving classic, pumpkin pie, it’s important to make sure your wine is sweeter than your food, so that the wine doesn’t end up tasting sour. Our Red Port and White Port are great with dessert – or as dessert!

Need more ideas? Check out our Wine & Food Pairing Tool.

Happy Holidays!