We are proud to announce our Single Barrel Rye Whiskey was selected as a Gold Medal recipient at the 2022 American Craft Spirits Awards.

A group of more than 30 expert judges evaluated over 400 spirits from 37 states and Washington, D.C. The judging panel awarded only 15 Gold medals, along with 104 Silver and 159 Bronze medals.

Our Rye Whiskey is made using rye grain grown by local Wisconsin farmers just down the road from our stills. We mill all the grain on site before we begin cooking to ensure the freshest ingredients for the best tasting product possible. After the mash is cooked and fermented, it is sent to our column still to be distilled. The whiskey is then barreled and sent to our aging room to rest for years at a time before bottling.  

Our distiller, Tom Lenerz, tastes the barrels as they age and makes note of barrels that stand out from the rest, as potential single barrel picks. Tom is hard at work selecting the next barrel of Single Barrel Rye to be released. As is the case with everything we bottle, it has to pass our rigorous standards. If it’s not ready, we don’t bottle it. That being said, we hope to have some back on the shelves in the coming weeks.

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