Blackberry Flavored Brandy

Blackberry Flavored Brandy  
Fine brandy dripping with blackberry flavor and nostalgia. First released May 23, 2024.

Our Blackberry Flavored Brandy is now available at our Distillery Store as well as in Wisconsin stores and restaurants.



Distiller’s Notes

Blackberry Flavored Brandy

Fine Brandy dripping with Blackberry flavor and nostalgia.

Story: Our Blackberry Flavored Brandy is our take on the Wisconsin favorite. Made with real fruit juice and sugar, and high-quality brandy, this rich brandy is sweet, but not too sweet, and full of flavor.

Fortifier: A blend of old and young brandies

Production Method: Brandy flavored with blackberry juice and sweetened with real sugar

Serving: Serve chilled, or on ice, or mix into cocktails

Alcohol: 35% (70 Proof)

Distiller Tom Lenerz and Winemaker Philippe Coquard bring a winemaking approach to the spirits with attention to terroir, slow fermentations and quality of woods sourced for barrel aging, resulting in this fine spirit.

Release Notes

Coquard Brandy Barrel #1153
Barreled: 3/14/2014 | Harvested: 8/4/2020 | Released: 8/14/2020, 294 bottles