As we celebrate our 45th year here at Wollersheim, we’re also very excited for the March 4th release of our newest wine: Dry Rosé!

Dry Rosé is a blush wine made from a blend of Lemberger, Syrah, Tempranillo and Cabernet Franc grapes that are custom-grown for us in Washington state by grower Patricia, who has worked with us for the last 20 years.

Grapes for Dry Dry Rosé

Winemaker Philippe says Dry Rosés are becoming very popular, much like the Pinot Grigios…and even taking the place of Muscatos, in many cases. “They’re great for summer,” he explains. “Very refreshing before dinner while the grill is going.”

Grape cluster for Dry Rosé

When the fresh grapes for Dry Rosé arrived here at the winery in late September, they went straight into production.

Grape production for Dry Rosé

We destemmed and crushed the grapes, put them into the tank on the skins for a short time to extract some of the beautiful rose color, then pressed them and fermented the juice into wine.

Crushing and destemming grapes for Dry Rosé

Dry Rosé is not an aged wine, and we were able to bottle it in late February.

Dry Rosé on the bottling line

Dry Rosé has vivid flavors that are reminiscent of raspberries and red currants. It’s served chilled, and it pairs well with salads, appetizers, cheeses, and seafood. Enjoy!

For more information and Winemaker’s Notes, visit our Dry Rosé product page.