In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating by highlighting our sister winery, Cedar Creek Winery. Many people know of Wollersheim’s sister winery, but it never stops surprising us just how many do not.

Cedar Creek Winery is located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee, or about a two hour drive East of the vineyards of Wollersheim. Cedar Creek is housed within the historic Cedar Creek Settlement and was originally built in 1864 as a working woolen mill, which was operated until 1969, when it went out of business from the introduction of synthetic fabrics.

It became a winery in the early 1970’s before the Wollersheim Family purchased Stone Mill Winery from Jim and Sandy Pape in 1990 and Cedar Creek Winery was born.

There are many similarities between the two popular Wisconsin wineries. Cedar Creek Winery, much like Wollersheim Winery, is a family run winery crafting an array of award-winning wines. All of the wines are also made by Wollersheim’s Winemaker, Philippe Coquard, a French winemaker with a deep family history of winemaking overseas.

However, as American novelist Toni Morrison once said, “A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double.”

And while Wollersheim and Cedar Creek wines focus on traditionally styled grape wines such as Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Riesling, Cedar Creek also offers some additional types of fruit wines that cannot be found at Wollersheim Winery. Each winery truly provides its visitors with unique offerings and experiences

Strawberry Blush is undoubtedly the favorite of Cedar Creek’s fruit styled wines. It has its own own fanbase centered around Cedarburg’s extremely popular Strawberry Festival, which takes place this year on June 22nd and 23rd. But Christmas Blush and Cranberry Blush are also not without their own diehard fans.

If this small, written taste of Cedar Creek Winery isn’t enough, this weekend March 9th and 10th you can join them for their annual Open House Celebration. The occasion is free to the public and includes barrel tastings, cooking demonstrations and more. And if you aren’t able to make the party, perhaps you can visit Cedar Creek Winery another time for a tour or tasting.

Cheers to sisters. Cheers to women. Cheers to wine.

Visit cedarcreekwinery.com for more information.