We are excited to announce our partnership as an official sponsor of the Green Bay Packers! 

This groundbreaking collaboration brings together two storied local brands, each with a rich history and humble beginnings, to elevate the game day experience at Lambeau Field and celebrate the spirit of Wisconsin.

Founded in 1972, we have remained dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that embody the essence of Wisconsin’s unique terroir. From our modest origins in the Wisconsin River Valley to becoming an award-winning winery renowned for our commitment to quality and innovation, our core principles run parallel to that of the Green Bay Packers. With a legacy dating back to 1919, the Packers have evolved from a community team into an NFL powerhouse with the unwavering spirit of Wisconsin football fans.

We are delighted to unveil the Wollersheim Bar on the third concourse at section 354 of Lambeau Field to mark this historic alliance. At this exclusive bar, patrons can indulge in a selection of our wines, including Prairie Fumé, Scarlet Fumé, and Blushing Rose to complement the excitement of every game. Our offerings add to the wonderful experience of Lambeau Field.

“Wollersheim Winery is incredibly honored to stand alongside the Green Bay Packers, an emblem of Wisconsin’s rich sporting tradition,” said Philippe Coquard, Winemaker at Wollersheim Winery. “As two brands with deep roots in this state, we share a common passion for excellence, a dedication to our communities, and a commitment to preserving our heritage. It is truly a momentous occasion to see these two iconic Wisconsin names unite.”

Moreover, our range of signature minis will be readily available wherever wine is served within Lambeau Field, allowing fans to savor the winery’s distinct flavors while cheering on their beloved Packers. For the ultimate VIP experience, full-size wine bottles will grace the suites and be featured at exclusive Lambeau Field events.

As Wisconsin’s own Wollersheim Winery and the Green Bay Packers embark on this extraordinary journey together, we invite all fans and wine enthusiasts to raise a glass to toast the spirit of camaraderie, tradition, and shared passion.