The Wollersheim family of brands is wrapping up the summer in style with the 5th Anniversary of Wollersheim Distillery, the 30th Anniversary of Cedar Creek Winery, and a recent collection of new awards.

Between the two competitions and the three branches of the Wollersheim family brand, the trio will be bringing back a total of 13 awards to Wisconsin including four Double Golds, one Gold Medal, six Silver Medals, and two Bronze Medals. Double Gold Medals are a rarity in that they must be unanimously awarded by the entire panel of judges.

Eagle White has had a stellar year and has won numerous awards, including a recent Double Gold from the Finger Lakes region.

Originally founded in 1972 as Wollersheim Winery, the nearly 50 year old Wisconsin family brand now boasts a ground to glass distillery facility that was constructed in August of 2015. The distillery will be releasing a new format of Coquard Brandy, a family reserve of Brandy that is now aged for a minimum of 6 years. Wollersheim will also be releasing a highly limited bottle collection of the first four Coquard Brandy releases.

A highly limited collection of the first four Coquard Brandy releases.

Despite its relative youth compared to its winery counterpart, the distillery has already begun establishing a name for itself with a variety of successful releases including Press House Brandy, Round Top Rye Whiskey, and Bottled-in-Bond Wisconsin Bourbon.

This summer, Wollersheim Distillery was awarded a Double Gold for Wisconsin Apple Brandy and a Bronze for Press House Brandy at the Camp Good Days Finger Lakes International Wine and Spirits Competition, which judges over 2000 wine and spirits. At the very same competition, Wollersheim Winery was awarded a Gold Medal for their Eagle White wine, as well as two Silver Medals for Prairie Fumé and Dry Riesling.

The brand’s sister winery in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Cedar Creek Winery, is currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary this month and brought home some hardware of its own from the Finger Lakes competition. The winery was awarded a pair of Silver Medals for Waterfall Riesling and Pinot Grigio with an additional Bronze Medal being awarded for Gewurztraminer.

Cedar Creek Winery located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

The Wollersheim brand also did well at another recent competition in the Midwest region, the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wollersheim Winery was awarded two separate Double Golds for Prairie Fumé and Eagle White, as well as a Silver Medal for Dry Riesling. Cedar Creek was also entered into the competition and was awarded a Double Gold for Pinot Grigio accompanied by a Silver Medal for Waterfall Riesling.