Dancehall Absinthe Blanche


Distilled with Herbs
Intensely herbal spirit made from locally-grown wheat, wormwood and botanicals such as lavender, lemongrass and angelica. Serve traditionally with ice water or in cocktails.

Sold in 375 mL bottles in our Distillery store. Temporarily available for pick up at the winery, weekdays 1-4pm or Saturdays from 10am-noon. Order must be confirmed before picking up.



Distiller’s Notes

Dancehall Absinthe Blanche

A contemporary absinthe balancing the “Holy Trinity” of anise, wormwood and fennel with the delicate floral notes of Wisconsin grown botanicals.

Production Method: Base spirit made from wheat mash, distilled to
over 170 proof is then macerated with the herbs and botanicals overnight
before redistilling.

Botanicals: Wormwood, Anise, Fennel, Lemongrass, Lavender,
Angelica, Coriander

Alcohol: 54% alcohol by volume (108 proof)

Serving: Serve traditionally with ice water or use in cocktails.

Story: In the early 1900s, when bon vivants were sipping absinthe drinks in the crowded cabarets of Paris, local families were gathering here. First to clean their grain in the threshing machine, then to celebrate the fruits of their labor with music and dancing in the dancehall of our property’s historic press house.

Silver – 2016 Washington Cup American Spirits Competition, Kansas City, MO
Bronze – 2016 American Craft Spirits Competition, Louisville, KY