Now available, Wollersheim Ice Wine 2021 Vintage!

Our “Nectar of the Vines” is made from our St Pepin grapes frozen on the vines, capturing the sweet fall essences and concentrated grape flavors.

Ice wine is a traditional dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine, and our Wisconsin winters give us the perfect conditions to make a genuine Ice Wine. A select portion of our vines is set aside for the fruit to continue ripening throughout the fall. Then the grapes are hand-picked at the winery vineyards in mid-December when the grapes are completely frozen and temperatures are between 10 – 12 degrees. This allows the water in the grapes to freeze while the sugars don’t, so the highly ripened grapes are between 33 – 36 degrees brix (a measurement of sugar) when they are harvested. The highly concentrated juice is press from the frozen grapes, and then fermented slowly to produce an intensely sweet and concentrated wine that is like liquid honey.

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