Spirits Tastings

Family-crafted and distilled on-site.


Spirits Tastings & Cocktails:
Spirits tastings are temporarily not available. Cocktails are available at our distillery patio to be enjoyed outside.

Reawakened 2015

Brandy was made on the winery property beginning in 1876, like the wine production, it stopped at the turn of the century. Recently, the family built a stillhouse and a distillery store for brandy and other spirits. Working with several traditional copper stills, Wollersheim Distillery produces brandies, gin, absinthe, whiskey and bourbon.


The Wisconsin riverside bluff on which we’ve built our distillery was first planted with grapevines in the 1840s, establishing the estate as a premier winery in the region. Historical records also reveal a tradition of brandy making, which we proudly carry forward by fermenting and distilling on-site all of our family-crafted spirits featuring Wisconsin-grown ingredients.


Distillery Store

The distillery store features all of our Wollersheim spirits, and a variety of glassware and gift items. We offer a fine selection of Wisconsin cheeses, unique food items, gift boxes and a variety of distillery apparel.