Wollersheim BOF Cocktail Syrup


Brandy Old Fashioned Syrup
Our old fashioned syrup combines Wisconsin cherry juice, Milwaukee-made bitters and brown sugar to make a new riff on the classic Wisconsin Old Fashioned. Just add our Press House Brandy and top with sweet or sour soda. One bottle of syrup is enough for 32 cocktails.

This 8 oz syrup bottle can fit in one bottle space when shipping. It can also be ordered for pick up.



Brandy Old Fashioned Instructions

Muddle 1/4 oz of Wollersheim Old Fashioned Syrup with a cherry (and optional orange slice), add 1.5 oz of Wollersheim Press House Brandy, add ice, then top with approximately 3 oz of sweet or sour soda.

Story: We first released our Press House Brandy in 2016. We released our first Brandy Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup in 2019.