Bistro Local Sourcing

As grape farmers first, we feel a very close connection to the environment and how it later impacts the characteristic taste and flavor of a wine, also known as the “terroir”.

This notion of terroir also applies to other foods and we believe that by eating and drinking local, one is able to capture the unique essence of that particular place through its climate, soil, and topography. Eating and drinking local not only supports the local economy and farmers, but also reduces the carbon footprint needed to transport these items to the consumer. Wollersheim Bistro believes that by working directly with the farmers producing the vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, mushrooms or grains, we are able to develop a personal and lasting relationship with them which allows us to get more creative, have more direct control of the quality, and maybe serve up things that would otherwise be difficult to find. We also believe that by frequently changing our menu and keeping it seasonal, we are able to provide our guests with the highest quality of ingredients since those particular foods are at their best for sometimes only a very short period of time. We do our best to source as much as possible from Wisconsin realizing that our tough climate sometimes compels us to source some items from outside the state at certain times. Below is a list of some of the farmers and producers we are thankful to work with to supply our Bistro with the best ingredients available.