Semi-sweet white wine with botanicals

Sold in 750 mL bottles in our Distillery store.



Winemaker’s Notes

Vermouth Wine

A modern, all Wisconsin take on Blanc and Bianco Vermouths, this semi-sweet
vermouth is made exclusively with a unique blend of Wisconsin botanicals, wine and brandy.

Base: Wisconsin White Grape Wine

Fortifier: Estate-Distilled Sediment Brandy

Production Method: Sweetened white wine, with an infusion of local botanicals.

Sweetness: Semi-sweet

Alcohol: 16.3%

Serving Temperature: 40ºF – 45ºF

Aging Potential: Enjoy young. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Serving: Serve chilled as an aperitif, or mix into cocktails with a botanical gin or rye whiskey base (for modern/contemporary martini and manhattan type cocktails).

Story: This wine is a creation of husband and wife, Distiller Tom and Wine Enologist Céline and is a sweet marriage of wine, botanicals and our own immature grape brandy. Our contemporary Vermouth is infused with hops, wormwood, lemongrass, mint and other botanicals grown near the distillery.

History: Started making Vermouth in 2017