Prairie du Sac, Wis. – Wollersheim Distillery has officially released 1876 Press House Brandy to the market. The newest in Wollersheim’s line of family crafted spirits, 1876 Press House Brandy is now available in select restaurants and stores across Wisconsin in addition to at the Wollersheim Distillery store.

While Press House Brandy is new to the marketplace, the foundation for its release has been taking shape for some time. Even before Wollersheim Distillery first opened its doors on the Wollersheim property in August of 2015, Press House Brandy was being distilled at the winery and aged in the winery cellars so there would be enough supply for a market release.

“We think Press House Brandy will be to the distillery what Prairie Fumé is to the winery; our flagship,” said Wollersheim owner Philippe Coquard. “We’ve been patient in building up our production of Press House to be able to meet the kind of demand we saw when we first released our Coquard Brandy several years ago.”

Press House Brandy is made with wine produced from American native grapes, distilled on-site, and aged for two years in American oak barrels. “It’s sweet and soft,” said Coquard. “A perfect choice for Brandy Old Fashioneds and other cocktails.”

This newest Wollersheim brandy continues a tradition of wine and brandy making that dates back prior to prohibition. The winery was built in the 1800s and was called the “Press House” at that time because of the large winemaking operation on the property that included pressing grapes and fermenting wines.

Brandy was produced in a copper still in the underground cellars to fortify the wines being made, and some of that brandy was also sold on its own. The first record of brandy is recorded in the ledger with a date of September 10, 1876, and it lists “10 gallons Brandy – $30.00.” That historical entry served as inspiration for the name of Wollersheim Distillery 1876 Press House Brandy.

“We’re very proud and excited to continue the tradition of family crafted spirits and to be able to share that tradition with spirits enthusiasts all across Wisconsin,” said Wollersheim distiller Tom Lenerz.

Garden Gate Gin and Dancehall Absinthe Blanche were the first two Wollersheim spirits to be released to the market this past spring, Coquard Brandy Batch 4 and a limited amount of Wisconsin Apple Brandy will be released later this fall.

For more information, visit wollersheim.com.