Here at Wollersheim we are known for making authentic Wisconsin wine and spirits, but that’s not all we make.

Growing grapes, making wine, and distilling spirits are certainly the largest part of our day-to-day activities, but when our team finds some free time, just like anyone, we like to get crafty! At the end of each growing season, we have the task of emptying barrels in order to make room for the new vintage. Some of those barrels will be used again if they still having aging potential, but some will be retired.

A barrel head, staves, and metal hoops make up this beautiful bistro table and three stool set.

But the retired barrels are not wasted. The barrels we retire all may have different fates. Some will be sold to local breweries for aging beer, others will be sold whole as decorative pieces, and others will be broken down and turned into one-of-a-kind and eye-catching furniture, serving trays, rocking chairs, and more!

Each piece is hand built by our talented team here on site. They begin by breaking down the barrel by removing the metal hoops. After the hoops are removed, the barrel falls apart into a pile of wine stained staves, which make for a truly unique building material. Each piece is cut, sanded, and perfected for its secondary life.

A wine rack made from retired and recycled wine barrel staves.

Some of our larger and more complex items include things such as rocking chairs and half barrel shelves. Each one of those pieces uses approximately an entire barrel during construction. We also have some smaller items such as candle holders and serving trays, which may only require a single stave. Each project is different and no two items are exactly alike.

Our barrels and barrel stave furniture can be purchased on site in our winery store. These items make for breathtaking gifts and will surely impress the wine drinkers in your family. For more information on our barrels and handcrafted barrel stave furniture and décor please send us a message on Facebook or call us at 608-643-6515.


A detailed photo showing a rocking chair made from uniquely colored wine barrel staves.