Wollersheim’s Eagle White wine has soared back onto the shelves! But don’t wait too long to pick up your bottles — like the Eagles that grace our Wisconsin river valley every year, this wine isn’t always around.

Every winter beginning in mid-December the skies above the Sauk City and Prairie du Sac area are dotted with a familiar silhouette for locals and visitors alike. Bald Eagles make their way to the island now fittingly known as Eagle Island in the middle of the Wisconsin River, just below the Prairie du Sac Dam and Lake Wisconsin.

The Eagles use the year-round open water of the Wisconsin River for food and shelter during the harsh winter as they migrate to warmer areas in the South. While most of the Eagles that can be seen in the area eventually move on to more mild climates and eventually back to Canada, we do have a family of Eagles that have fallen in love with the bluffs just as we have and remain here at Wollersheim throughout the year.

The Wisconsin River near Wollersheim and just below the Prairie du Sac Dam.

Prairie Fumé is undoubtedly our most popular wine, but Eagle White has carved out quite the devoted following since it was first released in 1980. Due to the fandom, this wine typically ends up being sold out for a portion of the year. Despite the smaller crop of Wisconsin fruit in 2019, we planned accordingly and have made plenty of Eagle White to be enjoyed.

Outside of the devout drinkers of Eagle White, the wine has also accumulated various awards throughout its lifetime at Wollersheim. It has been awarded Best of Show, Double Gold, Best of Class, and Best Wisconsin Wine by various competitions including both in Wisconsin and outside of the state.

The wine, like all of our products, is produced and bottled on site. This year you may notice a new look with the Eagle White bottle, which has been updated to match the new label of the other wines we produce.

An Eagle soars above the vineyards at Wollersheim Winery and Distillery.

Eagle White is a semi-dry white wine made from St. Pepin and La Crosse grapes grown right here in Wisconsin. The wine is produced using cold fermentation techniques and the natural residual sweetness you will taste is done by halting that fermentation process. The result is a wonderfully balanced wine with characteristics of pear and lemon. This refreshing wine is best served young at 40-45 degrees with fish, pizza, or appetizers.

If you would like to attend Bald Eagle Watching Days in the Sauk Prairie Area, the official days for viewing in 2020 are Friday, January 17th and Saturday, January 18th. Marge from REGIS will be releasing up to 3 eagles, including one “magnificent” adult, starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 19, 2018. The Eagle release is held at VFW Park in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.