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American Seyval Semi-Dry Wine
A crisp fresh semi-dry white bursting with citrus and tropical fruit aromas reminiscent of orange and grapefruit with a hint of sweetness. The Winery's most popular wine, perfect for every occasion and every taste. Prairie Fumé and our winemaker, Philippe, were awarded “Blockbuster Wine of the Year” and “Winemaker of the Year” awards for winning the most medals of any wine east of the Rockies. Wisconsin's famous nationally-acclaimed medal winner continues to add to its list of accolades including Platinum, Best of Show White and multiple Double-Gold & Gold Medals.

Grape: 100% Seyval Blanc, custom-grown in New York

Production Method: cold fermentation, natural residual sweetness by stopping fermentation

Aging: none, bottled winter through summer

Sweetness: semi-dry

Alcohol: 10%

Serving Temperature: 40ºF - 45ºF

Aging Potential: enjoy young (up to two years)

Serve with: Appetizers, seafood, pasta, grilled foods

Story: The idea for Prairie Fumé was born in the fall of 1988 when winemaker Philippe and his wife Julie were dining out in Madison. While enjoying a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Philippe realized Wollersheim needed a fresh, fruity, light wine to offer, much like what they had experienced that evening. Luckily it was winemaking season, so Philippe quickly went back and referenced his old college text books and tried a new method of winemaking. By stopping fermentation before completion, some natural sweetness from the grapes remained to produce a fresh and fruity wine. In the spring of 1989, Prairie Fumé was bottled, introduced and released. It quickly gained national recognition and won multiple gold medals in wine competitions. As Bob Wollersheim would say, it was the beginning of the “Prairie Fumé phenomenon,” which continues to this very day.

History: started making Prairie Fumé in 1989