Apple Eau de Vie

Unaged Apple Brandy
Unaged spirit made from Wisconsin apples. Serve with tonic or use in cocktails.

Sold in 375 mL bottles in our Distillery store.



Distiller’s Notes

Apple Eau de Vie

A classic, dry, European style brandy, capturing the fruit essence of Wisconsin grown apples.

Production Method: Dry apple cider at 6% then distilled in our copper pot stills.

Alcohol: 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

Serving: Use in place of vodka for fruit forward cocktails.

Story: Wollersheim began distilling apple cider into apple brandy in 2014. This brandy can either be aged in Wisconsin Oak to become our Wisconsin Apple Brandy or be bottled for enjoyment as a young spirit. Our Apple Eau de Vie was one of our first products to be released at our distillery grand opening in August of 2015.